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Breakthrough Carbon Nanostructure to Revolutionize the World Supercapacitor Energy Storage Devices Market

NanoTune (NT) produces lower cost, higher energy density supercapacitors compared to traditional supercapacitors, which are hindered by the limited performance of their carbon nanostructures. NT technology will first disrupt the existing supercap market (at $3.8B in 2014 with 21.3% CAGR) to eventually transform electric energy storage in a wide range of industries.



Electric vehicles (EVs) have increasing demands for both energy and power, which are not met by current battery technologies, that require hours to recharge. Similarly, consumer electronics devices are limited by heat generation and life cycle degradation from the high power output of batteries, which reduce the processing speed and usage time. NanoTune aims to solve these problems by producing low cost, green, instant charge capable, and power dense supercapacitors, which have long life cycles.

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Nano Tune Technologiesl | 411 Clyde Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 210-9066